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One technology - many possibilities:
Augmented Reality for your company

Start successfully into 2019 with your own AR project

Augmented reality has already been a popular advertising medium in 2018 and will continue to gain popularity in 2019. Take the opportunity and impress your target group with immersive experiences that advance your message to the next level - the three-dimensional space.

Unlike Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality can be used without special equipment. Your target group already has the required technology in its pocket: A regular smartphone or tablet is completely sufficient for AR!

With our Christmas card and gaming app „Santa‘s Adventure“ you received a first impression of possibilities Augmented Reality has to offer.

Let’s think ahead and find the ideal project for you.

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5 business areas for using Augmented Reality in your company 2019

Your trade fair booth can do more

AR - integrated in flyers and posters - makes it easier for your exhibition staff to reach and impress visitors. In addition, complex facts can be easily presented and explained with the help of Augmented Reality. Make your competitors look outdated.

Print mailing with added value

Especially specific target groups from the medical and industrial sectors receive many print mailings. Augmented Reality offers you the chance to leave a lasting impression by creating outstanding advertising and information material. Stand out from the crowd.

Catalogues and brochures - your products within reach

You want to demonstrate how your product works and put it in the best perspective? Long product texts and suboptimal photos belong to the past. With Augmented Reality you can display your product or services three-dimensionally, animated and even interactively. These facts also convince critical prospects.

Outdoor advertising - a whole new world

Billboards open up their own worlds, flowers grow out of sidewalks. Thanks to AR, your outdoor advertising becomes a crowd-puller.

An unforgettable event

Augmented Reality elements on posters, seat reservations or signposts animate, inspire and entertain your guests with ease. Make your event even more impressive and keep your message in the spotlight.

One step further:
Your own ideas for Augmented Reality

The possibilities of Augmented Reality are versatile. In a joint workshop, we will be pleased to identify the perfect solution for your business application.

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Your sense & image team wishes you joyful holidays and a successful year 2019.

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